Service-sector Products at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Shop
Sep 23, 2008
Mercedes-Benz Trucker Selection: practical and stylish, products for the driver
  • 50 select new products, specially aimed at truck drivers
  • “Safety and Technology”: robust workwear
  • “Freedom and Emotion”: dressed for the long trek
  • “Practicality and Mobility”: accessories on the move
The newly designated Trucker Selection from Mercedes-Benz features 50 products which are specifically aimed at truck drivers. The functional items help make for a smoother working day, and the products have a look and a user-friendly design which will appeal to long-distance drivers. The range embodies the “Trucker” attitude and features outstanding design – and all items of clothing and accessories are infused with a quality of material and craftsmanship which reflect the brand values of Mercedes-Benz.
“Safety and Technology”: robust workwear
The “Safety and Technology” product line features robust materials in anthracite with light-reflecting elements and a metallic/high-tech look. It comprises clothing for the working environment, however tough the conditions.
“Freedom and Emotion”: dressed for the long trek
Leather, flannel and warm, brown shades are characteristic features of the “Freedom and Emotion” segment. The range of products oozes a sense of freedom and aplomb.
“Practicality and Mobility”: accessories on the move
Helpful items for the journey, accessories that make life easier and more enjoyable, little gifts for family and friends – all of these can be found in the “Practicality and Mobility” segment.
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