Service-sector Products at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Shop
Sep 23, 2008
TruckStore: used trucks now with Europe-wide powertrain warranty
  • At 31 locations in 14 European countries
  • An average number of 4000 used trucks in stock
  • New: unique Europe-wide warranty from TruckStore
  • Website now even more user-friendly
  • New: with similarity search
TruckStore is a successful Daimler Trucks business dealing in the sale of used vehicles. As the world's largest used-truck dealer, TruckStore operates on a professional and worldwide basis. In addition to this, TruckStore provides a wide range of established services including financing and leasing as well as a new product in the form of an international warranty. TruckStore is growing constantly and already has 31 locations in 14 European countries, where it sells vehicles of all brands, ages and body configurations. Furthermore, TruckStore can accept trucks made by any manufacturer as payment.
An average number of 4000 used trucks in stock
At TruckStore customers are almost sure to find exactly the truck they want from an average stock of some 4000 vehicles split into three product categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All of the vehicles undergo rigorous inspections based on uniform standards Europe-wide to ensure that each and every one lives up to its high billing.
New: unique Europe-wide warranty from TruckStore
As of the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, a new product will be offered in the form of the Europe-wide TruckStore warranty, which is available for all brands in the Gold and Silver categories. It covers the entire power­train and is valid for twelve months in all EU countries and for all vehicle makes, providing the vehicle is no more than six years old. In the event of damage, the cost of repairs is met in full without the customer having to pay any excess. Only TruckStore offers this type of warranty.
Website now even more user-friendly
To coincide with the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, now boasts a new look: the TruckStore website has been completely redesigned and is now even more user-friendly. Thanks to improved, more intuitive navigation functions, enables customers to reach their goal – a vehicle ideally suited to their needs – even more quickly than before. A new addition: the website is now available in a 13th language, allowing customers from Romania to easily search for their desired vehicles in their own language.
New: with similarity search also features a similarity search – an absolute first in used-vehicle sales. If the precise vehicle required is not available from a stock of around 4000 trucks Europe-wide, automatically looks for similar vehicles.
No matter how complex the body type, wheel arrangement or special equipment, the similarity search function knows where to look and puts forward a suitable vehicle for the customer. What's more, any possible entry errors in the search enquiry are sorted out in a customer-friendly manner. Customers don't have to go to the trouble of searching as does all the work for them.
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