Service-sector Products at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Shop
Sep 23, 2008
FleetBoard: new fleet-management services with the onus firmly on practicality
  • New: mass-storage data downloadable from the tachograph
  • New face and new position: DispoPilot with navigation as standard
  • New: FleetBoard Truck Navigation for reliable route guidance
The FleetBoard telematics service is introducing new services. FleetBoard is the first provider to enable automatic downloading of the mass-storage data from the digital tachograph whilst the truck is on the road. Another new function – FleetBoard Truck Navigation – allows route guidance with commercial-vehicle attributes. The third premiere is the new DispoPilot system, which now offers even better performance and is even easier to use.
Leading supplier of telematics systems for more than 45,000 trucks
As a leading supplier of telematics systems, FleetBoard can provide internet-based vehicle- and transport-management services for any make of truck. FleetBoard is active in more than 20 countries and, since arriving on the scene in the year 2000, has equipped more than 45,000 trucks at over 1000 haulage firms. The vehicle's position can be pinpointed via satellite at any time. Data are transferred to and from the vehicle using sophisticated mobile-phone technology, while high-powered computers process all the data and make them available to the haulier by means of a password-protected internet link. In the vehicle, easy-to-use technology makes the driver's job much easier.
New: mass-storage data downloadable from the tachograph
Previously the mass-storage data could only be downloaded from the digital tacho­graph with the help of a company-data card. The forthcoming 2009 tacho­graph generation now includes an interface for downstreaming of the mass-storage data. FleetBoard is the first provider to enable haulage firms to read out, transfer and store these data by remote means.
The data is downloaded automatically at regular intervals. There is no extra work involved for the driver. One of the main advantages of the new technology is the substantial amount of time it saves compared to manual downloads, for which the vehicle has to return to base every three months.
Driver-card download whilst on the road
This newly developed ability to read out and download the data in the mass-storage unit extends the range of functions of another product: since the end of last year, it has been possible to transfer the data on the driver card to the haulage firm's depot whilst the truck is on the road. Once the driver card has been inserted into the FleetBoard vehicle computer, all the data on the card can be transferred at the push of a button. So neither the driver nor the vehicle has to visit the depot on a regular basis.
New face and new position: DispoPilot with navigation as standard
The third-generation DispoPilot system is celebrating its premiere. This in-vehicle device now features additional functions and has been made even easier to use. Thanks to the increased speed of the processor and a larger memory capacity, the software is now much faster. The internal SD card with a large memory capacity of two gigabytes includes the new FleetBoard Truck Navigation function, which is available for the new DispoPilot system at no extra charge.
New: FleetBoard Truck Navigation for reliable route guidance
The new FleetBoard Truck Navigation function shows the right way ahead, calculating the best route whilst also taking into account the truck's dimensions and weight. Delivery and loading addresses can be copied directly from the job instructions to the navigation system. Furthermore, the system has been programmed with the details of Mer­cedes-Benz service partners and all outlets that accept the Mercedes‑Benz ServiceCard, such as filling stations, for example. The new FleetBoard Navigation function is included in the FleetBoard package at no extra charge.
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