Mercedes-Benz at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show
Sep 23, 2008
Mercedes-Benz Trucks
Mercedes-Benz Actros:
the star shines brighter than ever
  • Milestone: first truck series with an automated transmission as standard
  • Innovative technology for greater economy
  • Basic and Classic economy packages to boost cost-efficiency
  • Basic, Classic and Top comfort packages for yet greater appeal
  • Safety packages rewarded with discounts on insurance premiums
The third generation of the Mercedes-Benz Actros has been built for uncompromising economy, comfort, safety and environmental compatibility, while a fresh-looking but powerful design gives it yet greater appeal. This is one star that is shining brighter than ever before.
Milestone: first truck series with an automated transmission as standard
Mercedes PowerShift 2 is fitted as standard in the new Actros. The redeveloped version of the automated transmission now features a built-in incline sensor and optimised shift strategy. The refined sensor system results in a smoother yet far swifter change between the transmission ratios. Any vibrations when pulling away are detected at their onset and suppressed. The improvement in shift comfort brought about by the anti-judder control has significantly reduced the pitching and rolling movements of the cab. For the “Manoeuvring mode”, the entire torque build-up and reduction process was subject to a fundamental reworking.
The new Mercedes PowerShift 2 transmissions are direct-drive transmissions (apart from on 6x4). The direct-drive transmissions boast far superior efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
Innovative technology for greater economy
The new battery status display that will be fitted in the new Actros as standard from the end of 2008 makes it even more cost-effective.
Bringing about a further reduction in fuel consumption was an overriding priority for the Mercedes-Benz engineers when working on the new Actros, something which has been achieved by implementing a string of individual measures. The E‑APU (Electronic Air Processing Unit) is one of the innovations that has a positive impact on fuel consumption. It works by increasing the supply pressure in the brake circuits and additionally generating pressure during vehicle braking. In the new Actros, priority is given to running the air compressor in overrun mode only, and especially when driving downhill. A new coolant pump control mechanism that is due to be introduced in 2009 brings about further savings: it runs the pump at a lower speed at partial throttle, meaning reduced power consumption. This measure alone is able to cut fuel consumption by 0.7 per cent. When combined with the E-APU, fuel consumption drops by one per cent.
Engines spanning nine power categories: economical and environmentally sound
The new Actros employs the technically mature Euro 4/5 versions of the OM 501 LA and OM 502 LA engines. The line-up encompasses six 11.9 litre V6 engines ranging from 235 kW (320 hp) up to 350 kW (476 hp), along with three 15.9 litre V8 units with outputs of between 375 kW (510 hp) and 440 kW (598 hp). The powerplants have already proven their abilities in over 200,000 commercial vehicles, helped by their particularly economical and environ­mentally friendly BlueTec technology.
Basic and Classic economy packages to boost cost-effectiveness
Anyone who keeps a tight rein on their costs might want to opt for the Basic economy package for the Actros. For semitrailer tractors, for example, this comprises automatic circuit breakers instead of conventional safety fuses, adjustable wind deflectors, as well as either a low-maintenance fifth-wheel coupling or a compact fifth-wheel coupling, plus a matching mounting plate. The Classic economy package supplements all this with a Voith retarder.
Actros raises the bar yet again for comfort
Optional rain and light sensors are available to assist the driver, marking a world first for trucks. There is the first ever level control to be fitted in a truck cab for smoothly adjusting the horizontal position of the comfort top bed. The bottom bed now also features a slatted frame with high point elasticity. The shaving mirror is a highly practical feature, as is the optional folding table. The towel rail included as standard in the new Actros L-cab and Megaspace cab is fitted with coat hooks. The new Actros is equipped as standard with a compressed-air connection in the cab, making it possible to clean the cab with a compressed-air gun.
Basic, Classic and Top comfort packages for yet greater appeal
Comfort packages are available to add to the appeal of the Actros. The Basic comfort package includes two-way speakers, ambient interior lighting, an electri­cally adjustable roller blind, extended central locking with remote control, along with an electrically operated tilting/sliding glass sunroof. The Classic comfort package supplements this with a leather steering wheel, a roller sunblind on both sides, air horns, plus, in Germany, the pre-installation for FleetBoard and a communications interface. For supreme comfort there is the Top comfort package. This adds a refrigerator with a 25-litre capacity in the slide-out compartment, automatic climate control and the illuminated Mercedes star in the centre of the radiator grille.
Active Brake Assist slams on the brakes when danger threatens
The new Actros is the first and, so far, the only truck in series production to be offered with the option of Active Brake Assist. It is based on the Telligent proxi­mity control and independently triggers a full brake application when there is an acute risk of a rear-end collision with vehicles in front.
Additional safety systems that come to the driver’s aid are available as special equipment: the Telligent Lane Assistant emits an audible signal to alert drivers when they are on the verge of drifting out of lane. Telligent stability control is an active driving safety system that reduces the risk of semitrailer rigs skidding. Vehicle damping that adapts to the changing situation is available with Telligent roll control.
Safety packages rewarded with discounts on insurance premiums
Starting with Germany, the safety assistance systems are to be offered for the new Actros in safety packages. The Top safety package features all of the available systems, including Active Brake Assist. Allianz Insurance is taking part in the SafetyPlus scheme by offering a discount of ten per cent in conjunction with this package. To coincide with the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, the Mercedes-Benz Bank is also offering a truck insurance policy which rewards the inclusion of safety systems.
Actros design: dynamism and a visible aura of outstanding capability
The Mercedes-Benz Actros exhibits an emotive yet functional design. The most emotional new feature – at least in the dark – is the discreetly glowing Mercedes star. This effect is achieved by the optional LED illumination. With its sweeping V‑shape, the new front flap blends seamlessly into the striking front aspect of the Actros. The line extends all the way up to the sun screen in a gentle curve. At the same time, the fins in the trim grille in front of the radiator have been reduced in number and given a far bolder look, courtesy of their dynamic shape. The new sun screen, which appears to be split into three sections and blends smoothly into the V‑shape, reinforces the impression of power and dynamism.
The new Mercedes-Benz Actros at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Six vehicles for on-road applications mirror the broad operating spectrum of the Actros. Taking centre stage are two-axle semitrailer tractors, including the Actros 1844 LS with an L-cab, the 1846 LS and 1851 LS with the Megaspace cab, as well as the range-topping Actros 1860 LS, again in Megaspace guise. These are accompanied by the Actros 2655 LS three-axle semitrailer tractor with a 6x4 axle configuration and a Megaspace cab. A 2444 L 6x2 is also on show as an example of an air-sprung chassis.
World premiere: the new construction Actros - the consummate pro for the construction site
  • Perfectly tuned construction specialist: robust, economical, comfortable
  • Numerous new features for protecting components
  • New Mercedes PowerShift Off-road automatic gearshift
  • Actros heavy-duty tractor unit: Mercedes PowerShift up to GCW of 250t
  • Application-specific equipment features and bodies available ex factory
  • Practice-oriented cockpit with innovative features
The new Actros for construction-site transport is receiving its world premiere at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover. It has been perfectly honed for construction-site transport applications, courtesy of several dozen innovations and improvements that have made it more robust, economical, comfortable and easier to fit bodies to than ever.
Striking stainless-steel protective plate to prevent damage
The most noticeable improvement to the new construction Actros is a four-millimetre-thick, high-strength plate made from stainless steel for protecting the radiator and engine. This plate shields the components from damage, while its ridges also lend further impact to the powerful styling of the new Actros construction truck.
The well-protected exterior mirrors on the new construction Actros are nearly as eye-catching as the protective plate. Their robust housing is made from shock-proof, scratch-resistant plastic. The new improved pivoting step is another typical feature of construction vehicles. It has now been made immune to lateral strain too. Also new are the protective grilles for the headlamps, which are made from sturdy, black-painted steel. A quick-release fastening allows the grilles to be opened for cleaning purposes. The tail lights are equally as well shielded. The fuel tank is one of the components which is especially at risk in a construction vehicle – on the new Actros, a shield plate can be installed underneath it.
Mercedes PowerShift Off-road for the construction Actros
The new construction Actros is also optionally available with the new twelve-speed automatic gearshift from Mercedes-Benz and all its accompanying benefits. In view of its modified configuration and different functions, this version of the automated manual transmission has been aptly christened the PowerShift Off-road. The transmission’s swift, precise gear changes are especially vital when negotiating construction sites.
Functions such as the Manoeuvring mode, the Rock Free mode and the four reverse gears truly come into their own when faced with the rugged conditions on construction sites. The same applies to the refined transmission control resulting from the built-in incline sensor system and the further improved anti-judder control. The transmission comes with specially developed, extra-robust forged-steel arms for coping with the toughest applications.
Dependable, economical and environmentally sound engines
Just like the Actros for long-distance transport, the construction Actros employs the technically mature OM 501 LA and OM 502 LA engines. The line-up encompasses six 11.9-litre V6 engines ranging from 235 kW (320 hp) up to 350 kW (476 hp), along with three 15.9-litre V8 units with outputs of between 375 kW (510 hp) and 440 kW (598 hp). The powerplants have proven their abilities 200,000 times over, helped by their particularly economical and environ­mentally friendly BlueTec technology. The excellent economy of the new construction Actros is given a further boost by a new, long final drive ratio.
Actros heavy-duty tractor unit: Mercedes PowerShift up to GCW of 250t
The Mercedes PowerShift transmission demonstrates its performance capabilities in the preproduction Actros heavy-duty tractor unit, featuring a Megaspace cab and a maximum gross combination weight of 250 tonnes. The uprated OM 502 LA V8 turbodiesel engine in BlueTec 5 guise musters up 480 kW (653 hp) from its 15.9‑litre displacement along with a peak torque of 3000 Nm.
The transfer of power to the transmission in the G 280-16 version of the Mercedes-Benz PowerShift employs a fill-controlled hydro­dynamic clutch. This generates high pulling power even at low engine speeds, whilst enabling the engine to rev up to maximum torque with zero load. The result is staggering tractive power combined with smooth acceleration and good controllability. A manoeuvring mode enables ultra-low speeds for precise manoeuvring with high loads.
Straightforward body attachment with no conversion work
The new construction Actros makes body attachment particularly easy, thanks to features such as the adjustable exhaust behind the cab, whose height can be adapted in just a few simple steps. The direction of discharge can be individually varied at the same time. This handy adjustment facility eliminates the need for awkward subsequent conversion work that may not be carried out to a professional standard.
Dump truck operators are able to order their new truck equipped as a road paver straight from the factory. Specification includes a high-level rear floodlight, rear reflectors at the sides, shortened wings with folding splash guards, tail light grilles with eyelets, along with a folding rear underride guard.
There is a new tipper body from Meiller that can be ordered factory-fitted for the new construction Actros. This incorporates a host of advances, including side boards and a tailgate with improved wear resistance and gap sealing, a larger tipping angle, noise-reduced fittings and catches, improved ease of operation when folding down the side board and an automatic unloading system with double closing force.
Premiere: the first construction truck with a battery status display
The new battery status display that will be fitted in the new Actros as standard from the end of 2008 makes it even more cost effective. Its bar-chart display in­dicates the current charge status as well as forecasting the remaining battery life.
The task of cleaning the cab of the new construction Actros is straightforward, thanks to the compressed-air connection fitted inside it. With the help of the compressed-air gun supplied as standard, the driver is now able to quickly blow loose bits of dirt out of the cab. The new roller sunblinds on the left and right of the cab are no less practical. The handy folding table on the co-driver's side also helps to boost the sense of wellbeing. And when it’s time to freshen up, drivers are also bound to appreciate the towel rail.
Excellent visibility is provided by the work lamp that is installed on the rear wall of the cab in the centre and illuminates an area measuring 10 x 5 m in size. The onset of darkness or rain calls the rain and light sensor into action. There is now a continuous handrail above the construction-site step at the side which continues up over the rear wall and forwards along the cab roof.
The new Mercedes-Benz construction Actros at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Three dump trucks and a tractor unit provide an overview of what the new construction Actros has to offer: a two-axle Actros 1841 AK all-wheel-drive dump truck with an M‑cab and a three-way tipper body from Meiller, the Actros 2646 LK 6x4, a three-axle dump truck with air suspension also featuring the M‑cab and a three-way tipper body from Meiller, plus the highlight amongst the classic dump trucks being exhibited at the show, an Actros 4148 AK 8x4/4 with an M‑cab and a rear tipper from Carnehl. The uninteresting-sounding model designation 4165 S 8x4/4 actually denotes a must-see exhibit, as it is the name of the superb Actros heavy-duty tractor unit that generates an uprated engine output of 480 kW (653 hp). It has a permissible gross combination weight of 250 tonnes.

Mercedes-Benz Axor: more attractive than ever
  • PowerShift: faster shifts and weight-saving design
  • Exclusive for the Axor: exceptionally powerful Turbobrake
The Mercedes-Benz Axor has moved up another gear and now boasts even more appeal than ever thanks to the Mercedes-Benz PowerShift transmission, the Turbobrake and a wealth of additional safety systems.
PowerShift: faster shifts and weight-saving design
Key strengths of the new transmission generation include further improved economy plus faster and smoother gear changes. With twelve ideally spaced gear ratios, the Mercedes-Benz PowerShift is a fully automated transmission that covers the entire spectrum from manoeuvring speeds to fast motorway speeds at low rpm. Mercedes-Benz PowerShift is available in conjunction with the OM 457 engines (265 kW/360 hp and above).
Exclusive for the Axor: exceptionally powerful Turbobrake
One option available specifically for the Axor with the OM 457 LA engine is the Turbobrake, which extends the functionality of the auxiliary brake and increases the exhaust backpressure by means of a retarding grille within the turbocharger. This setup increases the braking power by more than 50 percent compared to the constantly-open throttle valve and is effective at up to 2500 rpm (equivalent to 440 kW of braking power).
Numerous safety/assistance systems for the driver
Numerous assistance systems for the Axor have been introduced during the past twelve months: a hill holder in conjunction with the Telligent braking system, Telligent proximity control, the Telligent Lane Assistant, the Turbobrake and a Voith retarder. Axor models were already available with Telligent roll control (platform chassis units) and Telligent stability control.
To actively promote the introduction of safety/assistance systems, Mercedes-Benz has grouped together many of these functions in a Classic Safety Pack.
Wide range of Axor variants
Six-cylinder in-line diesel engines are one of the Axor's fortes. The line-up features 900-series powerplants including BlueTec diesel technology with a displacement of 6.4 litres or 7.2 litres and the OM 457 LA with a displacement of 12 litres. The power spectrum extends from 175 kW (238 hp) to 315 kW (428 hp) with Euro 4/5. Customers can choose from an extensive range of semitrailer tractors, solo vehicles, tippers and concrete mixers with numerous different axle configurations. Four different cabs and three cockpits are also available, offering even more scope for customers to tailor the Axor to their specific requirements.
The Mercedes-Benz Axor at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Three Mercedes-Benz Axor trucks are representing the model series at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show. The first is an Axor 1833 L chassis with a box body. An Axor 3240 B 8x4/4 chassis with a concrete mixer body underlines the Axor's suitability for use in the construction industry. The third truck is an Axor 1843 LS semitrailer tractor with the L cab.
Mercedes-Benz Axor BlueTec Hybrid:
world premiere at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
  • First prototype with hybrid drive for long-distance haulage
  • Fuel consumption reduced by between four and ten per cent
The new Axor BlueTec Hybrid is part of the "Shaping Future Transportation" initiative and highlights the benefits of hybrid drive systems for long-distance-haulage applications in terms of both emissions and fuel economy.
First vehicle for long-distance haulage to feature hybrid drive
The Mercedes-Benz Axor BlueTec Hybrid is set to be the first truck in its class to demonstrate the potential savings offered by hybrid drive systems for long-distance-haulage applications. The architecture of this parallel hybrid drive system is reflected in the Atego BlueTec Hybrid. At its heart is the OM 926 six-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres, an output of 240 kW (326 hp) and a peak torque of 1300 Nm. The electric motor achieves a peak power output of 44 kW and torque of 420 Nm. The powerplant is matched with the Mercedes PowerShift twelve-speed fully automatic transmission. Weighing only 155 kg more, the Axor BlueTec Hybrid prototype boasts an impressive payload.
The electric motor draws its energy from lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle starts off solely in electric mode and is therefore both quiet and environmentally friendly. The internal combustion engine idles to provide drive for the power take-offs. A start/stop system switches off the diesel powerplant when the vehicle comes to a halt. The electric motor powers the vehicle on its own up to a certain vehicle speed. If more power is required, the electric motor acts as a booster to assist the diesel engine.
Fuel saving of between four and ten per cent in long-distance-haulage applications
In long-distance-haulage applications, the Mercedes-Benz developers estimate that the Axor BlueTec Hybrid will consume between four and ten per cent less fuel than a vehicle equipped with a conventional drive system, depending on the route and the driving style.
Mercedes-Benz Atego: short-radius
distribution bestseller
  • The hit short-radius distribution model with 250,000 units sold
  • Already in service: Atego BlueTec Hybrid (11.99 t)
  • Engine start/stop system for saving fuel
  • Euro 5 rating for entire engine range
The Mercedes-Benz Atego short-radius distribution truck display at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover revolves around the topics of Euro 5-compliant engines and hybrid drive power. The sales figures speak for themselves: over 250,000 Atego trucks have been supplied to customers since 1998. Its primary strengths include cost-effectiveness, encompassing everything from fuel consumption to resale value, high quality that extends to the cab cock­pit, as well as exceptional reliability. The range comprises models with permissible gross vehicle weights varying from 6.5 t up to 15 t, and even 16 t if the load capacity is uprated.
Already in service: Atego BlueTec Hybrid (11.99 t)
The Atego Hybrid with a GVW of 11.99 t is already undergoing customer trials. The parallel hybrid unit features a compact and lightweight OM 924 LA four-cylinder diesel engine, that fulfils the EU’s Euro 5 emissions standard and has an output of 160 kW (218 hp) plus 810 Nm of torque, working in unison with an electric motor. This delivers a maximum output of 44 kW, with torque of 420 Nm. The task of transferring power to the wheels is handled by a Mercedes-Benz G 85 automated transmission. The electric motor is placed between the clutch and the transmission, and supports the diesel unit at low and moderate engine speeds in particular. Pulling away, performed by the electric motor, is emission-free.
If extra power is required – when driving uphill or accelerating sharply for instance – the electric motor cuts in to boost the diesel engine’s power for a short time, depending on its charge status. The electric motor draws its power from high-energy, high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The potential fuel savings amount to as much as 20 per cent.
Engine start/stop system for saving fuel
The optional engine start/stop system in the Atego models shuts off the engine whenever the truck is stationary for at least three seconds, the transmission is in neutral and the clutch pedal is not depressed. The instant the driver touches the clutch, the engine automatically springs back to life. The result is an average reduction in fuel consumption of three per cent; the saving is even higher when driving purely in urban traffic.
Euro 5 rating for entire engine range
The Atego already boasts a wide range of engines which have been certified in accordance with the EU’s Euro 5 emissions standard. The line-up includes three BlueTec engines with four and six cylinders and displacements of between 4.25 and 6.37 litres, which span seven power categories from 115 kW (156 hp) up to 210 kW (286 hp). Power is transmitted to the wheels by manual transmissions from Mercedes-Benz with six or nine speeds. For supreme convenience, there is the option of the Telligent automatic gearshift. The Atego may also be ordered with an automatic transmission as special equipment.
The Mercedes-Benz Atego is available with four cab variants as well as a crewcab. The choice of three different cab cockpits for different fields of application is quite unprecedented.
The Mercedes-Benz Atego at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Four vehicle exhibits at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover exemplify the Atego range in all its diversity. The highlight is an Atego BlueTec Hybrid with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 11.99 t. The exhibit is a customer vehicle that will enter practical service as part of the customer trials following the show. Also on display are an Atego 816 L with a box body, plus the extra-light Atego 1222 L that is exempt from German road toll charges and features a low frame and box body. Finally, an Atego 1224 with a dumper body and loading crane showcases the truck in construction vehicle guise.
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