The Mercedes-Benz Unimog – the Success of an Idea
May 23, 2011
1992 to 1999: New product ranges with functional designs
  • 1992: New product ranges 408/418
  • 1994: The Funmog – offroader of the year

The new lighter and medium product ranges 408 (U 90) and 418 (U 110, U 140) took the place of their still rather young predecessors range 417 in 1992. The main focus of the innovations was the completely newly-designed cab. What was striking was the very slanting front section allowing a very good view to the front. If necessary, the bonnet could be given an asymmetric viewing channel on the driver’s side to ensure he had the best possible view of attached implements while working and also to allow them to be attached and detached quickly in one-man-operation. Its versatility when operating implements predestined this product range for all-year-round operation.
Appreciably more room, comfort and functionality
The entirely newly-designed cab quite clearly provided more room than previously, as well as a clearly-arranged instrument panel and last but not least friendly surroundings. Among the technical specialities of the new Mercedes-Benz Unimog there were the anti-lock-braking system ABS, the new Common-Rail-direct injection engines from the car sector as well as the innovative implement-locking system "Servolock".
The Funmog – Offroader of the Year 1994
But occasionally there are other customers: Some Japanese discovered the
Mercedes-Benz Unimog as a leisure vehicle. In this way the Unimog – absolutely a commercial vehicle – suddenly became the status symbol of a select public.
Daimler-Benz reacted with the "Funmog" and presented a heavy, black-blue metallic-coloured Unimog from the heavy Unimog product range and a metallic-red Unimog
U 90 from the light Unimog product range. Both were distinctive with a lot of chromium trimmings. And promptly, the refined version of the Unimog won the title as "Offroader of the Year" in spring, 1994. In the same year, the Unimog also broke the 'sound barrier' of 300,000 units – an immense number for a special vehicle.
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