"Truck Pur BIC Event 2007"
Sep 11, 2007
"Truck Pur BIC Event 2007" to show 170 commercial vehicles for viewing and testing
  • Close cooperation between customers, vehicle manufacturers, body manufacturers and suppliers
  • All manner of presentations, test drives, demonstrations, specialist talks and safety systems relating to Mercedes-Benz trucks
  • 4000 customers expected to attend
From September 10 to 16, the DaimlerChrysler sales organisation for and the Application Information Centre (BIC) in Wörth are organising a customer event of a very special kind in : "Truck Pur". More than 170 trucks with bodies and implements of all kinds will be on hand to view and try out. More than 600 customers per day are expected to attend.
On the 24-hectare site of the ADAC Safety Centre directly by the Hanover exhibition complex, the sales professionals at Mercedes-Benz are about to demon­strate what today's "customer service" is all about: in close cooperation with body manufacturers and suppliers, fully operational, industry-specific commer­cial vehicle solutions for transport and service requirements of all kinds will be presen­ted to customers, together with knowledgeable, cross-disciplinary specialist advice at each exhibit, as well as a demonstration and presentation of every mounted body and implements. In contrast to the atmosphere of a conven­tional truck fair, this is where movement and action will be the order of the day.
Everything can be tried out: a true customer experience
Customers will be spoiled for choice: Atego, Axor, Actros, Canter and Unimog models are on hand for personal test drives, each vehicle type according to its specific operating profile. Distribution and long-distance trucks will demonstrate their potential on a road circuit, while the tippers and Unimog can be put through their paces on the off-road circuit of the ADAC test site. Knowledgeable personnel from Mercedes-Benz and the relevant body manufacturers will be on hand to an­swer questions at all times.
45 partners of the Application Information Centre manufacturing an enormously wide range of bodies, trailers and semitrailers are taking part in the Truck Pur BIC event. Individually they will care for "their" vehicles and "their" customers. How­ever, an undoubted benefit is that under the aegis of our body manufacturer manage­ment, they have all worked together very closely with the technical and sales experts at Mercedes-Benz for many years.
Always up-to-date: comprehensive flow of information
By virtue of this intensive exchange of information, which is in no small measure assisted by the Application Information Centre in Wörth and the Mercedes-Benz online portal for body manufacturers, the manufacturer body/manufacturer custo­mer network dedicated to the truck brand is a mutually beneficial affair. Naturally the "classic" suppliers on the vehicle-manufacturing side are also inte­grated into these constant flows of information, e.g. tyre makers, brake spe­cialists, heating and air conditioning experts and other major suppliers. This group of suppliers benefits from the same manufacturer/customer network as the body manufacturers.
Watch and listen: specialist talks and driving demonstrations
The other parties closely associated with the modern, service-oriented approach of Mercedes-Benz are the "in-house" service providers: Fleetboard, CharterWay, DaimlerChrysler Bank and Truck-Store. Specialist talks by professional Mercedes consultants and trainers on hot topics such as economical driving or alternative fuels will round off the comprehensive information made available.
More safety is demonstrably possible
One of the particular highlights is undoubtedly the comprehensive demonstration of already available technology relating to traffic safety and truck operation. These demonstrations will enable Mercedes-Benz customers to experience the "safety" expertise of the brand at first hand. They include the accident-preventing effect of the Electronic Stability Program ESP in a Mercedes-Benz van, as well as for a heavy semitrailer combination. The state of the art in safety technology is undoubtedly represented by the Active Brake Assist system ( ), which is available for the Mercedes-Benz Actros. The continuing recurrence of serious rear-end collisions involving trucks can be prevented with Active Brake Assist (ABA), or at least the effects can be drastically mitigated. This effect will be impressively demonstrated to visitors at the "Truck Pur BIC Event 2007".
Available all year round: the DaimlerChrysler AG Application Information Centre (BIC) in Wörth – complete vehicles from a single source
Every sector has its own requirements, and therefore demands individually tailored solutions. The construction sector has different vehicle bodies from the food transport sector, and drinks carriers require different solutions from muni­cipal authorities. Accordingly the Mercedes-Benz Application Information Centre in Wörth has a wide selection of complete trucks which can be test-driven, demonstrated, compared and purchased directly.
A customer once needed to travel great distances to view all the variants of a commercial vehicle that might interest him, but time-consuming searches of this kind are now a thing of the past. During the last seven years, immediately outside the gates of the world’s largest truck plant in Wörth near , interested parties have been able to gain first-hand information about chassis and bodies at the Application Information Centre (BIC). In addition to advice on chassis and body variants, this includes the demonstration of industry-specific solutions with complete vehicles, test drives and a presentation of Fleetboard, the telematics-supported transport management system.
Choice of around 150 complete vehicles
Around 150 vehicles with a wide range of bodies by more than 65 body manu­facturers are constantly available for comparison and test-driving, from pumped con­crete mixers and tippers to refrigerated semitrailers and winter service ve­hicles. The customer, who is often accompanied by his local Mercedes‑Benz dealer or a representative of a body manufacturer, is not left to his own devices. During his visit he is attended to by a customer adviser who explains details, pre­sents industry-specific solutions and gives professional assistance. In 2006 more than 8500 potential customers visited the Centre to obtain advice about all-in solutions. The vehicles currently available at the Centre can be checked online at www.mercedes-benz.de/bic.
Test drives on the motorway and off-road
Test drives are often conducted from Wörth to using the motorway – a stretch with considerable uphill gradients. Those wishing to test the manoeuvre­bility of tippers are taken to the test site at the plant. Fire-fighting and municipal vehicles are demonstrated where they are to be used, e.g. to ensure that the ve­hicle is able to negotiate narrow streets in older towns and villages. More than 500 of these on-the-spot demonstrations take place each year.
All-in solutions for the following transport sectors will be presented at the BIC Centre:
Construction: Whether for construction, civil engineering or roadbuilding, vehic­les for bulky or heavy cargoes and heavy construction-site operations are always available – with robust designs and a variety of powerful engines. Almost any type of body variant is possible, from 3-way tippers to roll-off tippers and skip loa­ders, right up to heavy rear tippers and rear-mounted cranes, concrete mixers and bulk carriers.
Chilled and refrigerated transport: Whether for chilled or deep-frozen trans­port, long-distance or distribution operations, the all-in solutions available extend from single or multi-chamber refrigeration systems to refrigerated box bodies and semitrailers. Beverages: Whether drinks need to be carried over long distances or locally dis­tri­buted, the BIC Centre has the right solution to hand. For example, the Atego with a beverage transport body and automatic roller cover, or the Actros 2544 L with a Safesurfer sliding tarpaulin body.
Long-distance haulage: A wide range of semitrailer applications is available: by way of examples, starting with the Axor 1843 LS with a three-axle curtainsider to the Actros 1841 LSNRL with a large-volume semitrailer, and right up to the Actros 1851 LS with a tanker semitrailer, the entire spectrum of applications is shown.
Demountable systems: Demountable systems are popular for their great flexi­bility in the goods transport sector, from standard versions in steel or plywood up to bulk containers. Examples here are the Actros 2544 L/NR demountable combi­nation or the Actros 2544 L/NR as a demountable bulk carrier combination.
Municipal vehicles: Mercedes-Benz trucks for municipal operations are tailor-made for the wide variety of municipal tasks in cities and rural areas, from the Atego sweeper and Actros 2532 L with waste collection body to the Econic 2633 L/NLA waste collection vehicle, which is also available with a natural-gas engine.
Heavy-duty transport: There is a growing trend towards four-axle tractor units. With the Actros SLT, Mercedes-Benz offers a complete, comparatively low-weight solution for high payloads and semitrailer loads, with low fuel consumption and favourable lifecycle costs.
Car transporters: A fundamental requirement of car transporters is a chassis with the lowest possible height and no chassis components projecting beyond the upper edge of the frame, so that the legally prescribed maximum height is not exceeded. The Actros is tailor-made for this application: for this specific transport task, the long-distance cab of the Actros has a lower roof and lower installed position.
After-sale services
Various services help the customer to optimise his fleet, operate vehicles all over without the use of cash, summon round-the-clock assistance in the event of a breakdown and much more.
Fleetboard – online for more cost-effectiveness. This Internet-supported telematics service enables a constant exchange of information between the driver, vehicle and headquarters.
CharterWay – vehicle rental and more. CharterWay reduces the administrative effort for a fleet to practically zero. Depending on the chosen modules, all the operating costs can be paid by monthly instalments.
Mercedes-Service Card – cashless payment throughout Europe . This card is the key to a Europe-wide Service network. It enables drivers to pay their way with­out carrying cash, from refuelling to workshop services from Mercedes-Benz dealers.
Service 24 h – mobile assistance around the clock . Service 24 h with its mo­bile workshops is available day and night throughout the year all over . The telephone number for breakdowns is: 00800 17777777.
Truck-Store – used vehicles with a warranty. A wide range of used vehicles is available in the Truck Stores, professional advice, vehicle servicing and financial services, as well as the protection of a warranty.
Accessories and original parts: numerous items from the accessory range help to ease drivers' day-to-day workload. Original replacement parts ensure that their Mercedes-Benz truck remains a safe and reliable vehicle.
The practical Mercedes-Benz Truck Collection: The Collection contains a wide range of practical items whose design, quality and function meet the requirements of Mercedes-Benz.
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